Simple Bow Tuning

Posted by Tyler Marlow on Oct 19, 2018 12:28:11 PM

Before I dive into this article, I want to start with a simple thank you to everyone who has reached out to me over this past week. As many of you know, I live about 15 minutes due north of Panama City Beach. Hurricane Michael hit this past week and I can promise you that what you see on television and in pictures doesn’t even compare to the actual thing. We were extremely fortunate that our house remained intact. With entire towns being wiped out, places that I grew up in, you can’t take anything for granted. The most important thing is that our family and friends are okay. The support we have received from those in the archery community has been overwhelming, with many opening their homes to us if need be. We are truly blessed to be able to be a part of a community like this and have made the friends we have.


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Shooting Better with Tyler: #Gainz for Extra Middle

Posted by Tyler Marlow on Sep 21, 2018 11:31:06 AM

I’m not even going to lie to you. This past season when I went to Seven Springs for the OPA shoot I was riding that struggle bus hard. After I had moved to Texas last September, I started going out all of the time and neglected the gym. Coming off a good year in 2017 when I only left the top 10 twice, and made a few shoot downs, I let myself go physically whereas I had been going to the gym three times a week before I moved. I was extremely out of shape, and that not only affected my physical capabilities with shooting, but it also made it to where I was on more of a mental grind to get through a round.


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Changing of Seasons

Posted by Darrin Christenberry on Aug 30, 2018 6:55:36 PM

Most target shooter's season's are coming to an end, including that of Darrin Christenberry's with the conclusion of IBO World's - but that doesn't mean arrows stop flying. He, like many others, have tags to fill. So how does he transition from one season to the next? Here are some great tips from the man himself. 


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Judging Yardage

Posted by Darrin Christenberry on Jul 27, 2018 3:42:15 PM

Elite Archery prostaff manager Darrin Christenberry knows a thing or two about a lot of things in archery - but there's one element in common across the board: judging yardage is his thing and he's mastered it through the years. Below, he discusses the learned sport and technique of judging yardage, and how he adjusted his judging strategies throughout the years to advance his game.


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How To Pick A Target Bow

Posted by Darrin Christenberry on Jun 6, 2018 2:40:35 PM

For those that may be just getting started, learning the game of target archery can be an intimidating task. Becoming a successful archer is something that can take a lifetime of learning - and Elite Archery's pro staff manager Darrin Christenberry knows a thing or two.


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Echelon Tuning from the Pros

Posted by Christian Costa on Feb 7, 2018 11:00:00 AM

When Elite Archery engineers sat down with the Elite pro-staff team, and in conjunction with what the industry has demanded of its target bows over the years, the game-changing Echelon was born. 


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Darrin Christenberry: Becoming Pro Staff

Posted by Darrin Christenberry on Nov 16, 2017 12:00:00 PM



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9 Critical Steps to Tuning Your Bow

Posted by Steve Wasko on Nov 3, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Elite's bow technicians have decades of combined experience tuning hundreds of bows - it's one of the many things we're proud of as an American-based company. One of the most hotly contested topics these days is bow tuning, so read below from one of our go-to technicians, Steve Wasko, on how to get it done correctly.


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Sighting In

Posted by Josh Sidebottom on Oct 13, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Hopefully if you are out there chasing whitetails somewhere across the US you have already gotten your bow dialed in, but in case you just bought a new bow/sight, or are getting a late start on your season everyone should take the time to make sure they are confident in how their bow is shooting before heading to the woods. This means making sure your sight marks are accurate for the distances intended regardless of the type of sight you are using. Depending on what kind of shooting shape you are in, this can be a frustrating process, the following blog written by our VP of Product Development, Josh Sidebottom, will help make this task a little easier.


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Proper Bow Grip

Posted by Derek Woods on Sep 28, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Bow Hand Grip – The Importance of "Grip" on Consistency


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