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Posted by Alexis Ruiz on Dec 7, 2018 7:08:00 AM

#TeamElite's Alexis Ruiz knows a thing or two about winning. She placed atop outdoor and indoor podiums throughout 2018 (including the coveted Vegas Shoot championship and most recently her World Archery gold in Macau) and has her sights set high for 2019 as part of USA Archery's women's compound team. She's figured out what works for her indoor setup and shares below how it all came together.

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My bow is slightly different when I shoot it indoors than outdoors. For indoors, I shoot a purple Victory 37 (with purple Winner's Choice strings). I have the bow set at 50 pounds, and I am a 26” draw length. My cam is rotated to where I hold 5.2 pounds when I am at full draw. My holding weight is really low because I can easily control my shot when I am at full draw. 

My peep sight is a Specialty peep at a 45 degree angle with no hood. I have a 1/16” number 2 clarifier in my peep, a size I use because when I look through it, it frames my scope perfectly and I do not see anything around the scope. I use the Axcel Achieve CX purple sight with a 6” carbon bar and a AV-31 scope. Inside of the scope, I use the Clear Targets lens: the Aurora Star 2X with a 2.3 mm purple dot in the optic center. I use this size dot because it helps me aim the best - I did a lot of testing to find what works for me. 

The stabilizers I use are the Doinker Hero bars. I use a 30” bar in the front and a 10” bar in the back. The front bar has an EXO Doinker on it with 9 ounces of weight. My back bar has 16 ounces on it, and the back bar is set at one degree to the left and four degrees down. I moved my bars around and adjusted the weight until I was holding solid on the dot. I use the TRU BALL HBC solid brass 3 finger release, which is coated in nickel to prevent any buildup on it.

I use the Spot Hogg SWAP rest set up for my 23 series arrows and my larger diameter arrows. The SWAP rest makes it easy to change so I can change arrows if I need to. The arrows I use are the 2314’s cut to 27 ½”. I have the Easton 3D Super nocks and Competition Archery Products 150 grams Pro Pin Pints. I use the Flex Fletch FFP 418 purple vanes.

My bow is set up perfectly for me. If I feel like something is off, I will change it until it feels just right, which is, thanks to Elite, much less of a daunting task.

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