Preparing for Indoor Nationals

Posted by Jillian Ballengee on Mar 13, 2019 7:19:00 AM

Every archer has their own strategy for preparing for tournaments, but how do you prepare for the “marathon” of archery tournaments? Indoor nationals is a more unique tournament just because the arrow count is higher than the typical indoor shoots that use a Vegas target, you’re shooting five arrows at a time and a minimum of 60 arrows if you do not warm up. Here are just a few ways that I like to prepare for this tournament!

Jillian Vegas

Indoor Nationals is definitely at an odd time since it is about the last indoor spot shoot of the year and because 3D archery season has already begun. Because of this I like to have two different setups ready to go, and the main reason for me is the poundage. I prefer to pull around 60 pounds for outdoor but after shoulder issues in the past I stick to around 53 for indoor because of the higher arrow counts. This allows me to put in more practice for these tournaments without the added stress on my shoulders. Arrow count is a big point in preparing also. I like to start pushing my arrow counts higher when preparing so that when I get to the shoot my endurance is built up and I am least likely to get tired.

The second big point for preparing for Indoor Nationals is making sure that I get practice on a line full of people or in a range that has a lot of activity happening while I am shooting. This allows me to figure out my shot under pressure and be ready for all the noise that you can encounter on the line. This is a factor that can make or break you since concentration and mental game is the biggest factor for an indoor tournament.

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