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The powerlines of London, Kentucky played host to the fifth Archery Shooters Association (ASA) tournament of the year, where Elite Archery’s Chance Beaubouef (shooting an Elite Echelon 39) and Nathan Brooks (shooting an Elite VictoryX) claimed a 1-2 victory in the Men’s Known Pro class despite challengingly dark shooting lanes.

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Beaubouef and Brooks are no strangers to the powerlines, having battled against each other in the shootdown in 2017 (Brooks claimed victory, Beaubouef second, and for the sweep - Team Elite’s TJ Strychalski securing third). After the first day of shooting, Beaubouef led the pack shooting 20 up on the course along with Stephan Hansen, with Brooks not far behind tied in third.

“Coming off the course the first day I was really happy to be tied for the lead but felt I left so much on the course,” Beaubouef said. “Saturday morning was much tougher – the woods were really dark making it difficult to find details on the target to use to aim, nor could we see arrows in the target for reference. I couldn’t believe the round Nathan shot on Saturday and I knew if I was going to catch him in the shootdown, I would have to be aggressive right out of the gate.”

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Brooks noted three key preparations heading into the tournament to ensure a successful weekend: lighting, target knowledge, and shot execution. With the playing field equally difficult for all shooters, Team Elite’s top marksmen entered the shootdown with Brooks in first with a 6-point lead and Beaubouef in second.

nathan close asa“Going into the shootdown with a 6-point lead was great, but I knew Chance would be pushing hard for the win,” Brooks said. “Being tied with Chance going into the final shot was a place I was all too familiar with as last year in Kentucky Chance shot a 12 on the final arrow forcing me to either shoot a 12 to win or 10 to tie.  Last year it worked out for me and this year it was his turn. He’s a great competitor and a good friend - I couldn’t be happier for him!”

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In a weekend full of ups and downs for most shooters on the course, Elite’s Tommy Gomez (Open Pro) was the exception. Shooting his VictoryX, Gomez shot steady through the weekend and made the shootdown in fifth place Saturday afternoon. Gunning for all 14’s, Gomez ended the weekend in fourth. Shooting in his first ASA of the year, Elite’s Jacob Phelps barely missed the shootdown and ended his impressive weekend in sixth (Known Pro).

“The London powerline shoot will always be one of the hardest outdoor ASA shoots of the year, as it tests each and every archer on their skill, knowledge and execution on every shot,” said Darrin Christenberry, Elite Archery pro staff manager. “The best and most prepared always shine, and Chance and Nathan prove that every year – I couldn’t be more proud to see them both at the top of the podium this year.”

Notable semi-pro and amateur podiums for Elite shooters included (as of press time):

  • Jase Boils – 1st – K50
  • Rockey Bailey – 1st – Open C
  • Jillian Ballengee – 1st – Women’s K45
  • Michele Norton – 1st – Women’s Hunter
  • Lucas Roy – 2nd – Open C
  • Julie Griggs – 2nd – Women’s Open B
  • Montana Buckner – 2nd – Women’s Hunter
  • Allen Roberto – 2nd – Super Senior Known
  • Lauren Stacey – 2nd – Women’s K45
  • Rick Harris – 2nd – Super Senior
  • Louie Zannetakis – 3rd – Super Senior
  • John Fielder – 3rd – Open A
  • Mason Dowell – 3rd – K50
  • Charles Buhler – 3rd – Senior Masters
  • Landon Kamper – 3rd –K45
  • Dean Harmon – 3rd – K40
  • Bo Swann – 3rd – Senior Open

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