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Posted by Katie D'Arcy on Jul 19, 2018 8:38:41 AM

Name: Olivia Hay

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Shop Name: Archery Unlimited

Hometown: Rockford, AL

Coach: Todd White, Alabama Archery Academy

My Bows: I currently hunt with my black Elite Spirit and I compete with my Sunset Pink Energy 35

My Accomplishments: 

  • 4-H state in Cullman - 1st (2015)  
  • BHA Alexcity - 2nd (2015)   
  • BHA Tuscaloosa County - 1st (2015)      
  • BHA Lee County - 2nd (2015)   
  • BHA Talladega County - 1st (2015)    
  • AL State Games in Dothan - 1st (2015)    
  • BHA Elmore County - 1st (2015)   
  • BHA Covington County - 2nd (2015)
  • ASA Foley, AL - 1st (2015) 2nd (2016) 1st (2017) 2nd (2018)        
  • BHA/S3DA Monroe County - 1st  (2016)  
  • Jackson County 4H Invitational - 1st (2016)    
  • 4H Fayette County - 1st (2016)  
  • ASA Augusta, GA - 1st (2016) 1st (2017) 3rd (2018)   
  • ASA London, KY - 1st (2016) 1st (2017)        
  • S3DA Metropolis, IL - 2nd (2016)     
  • ASA Metropolis, IL - 1st (2016) 1st (2017) 2nd (2018)     
  • BHA Central Zone Shooter of the Year - 1st (2016)  
  • Black Creek Invitational - 1st (2016)    
  • ASA Ft. Benning, GA - 1st (2016) 1st (2017) 1st (2018) 
  • S3DA Eufala, AL - 1st (2017) 
  • ASA Paris,TX - 1st (2017) 2nd (2018)   
  • ASA Cullman, AL - 1st (2017) 
  • S3DA Indoor Regionals & Indoor State - 1st (2018)   
  • Rinehart 100 - 1st (2018) 

Who introduced you to archery and at what age? Did your interest start in the hunting realm or the target side?          

My parents introduced me to hunting when I was about 9-years-old,and then I started competitive archery through 4-H. Since they only hadabout two tournaments a year, I wanted more. 

How many arrows do you send per week, and what does your training regimen look like?    

I usually try to shoot AT LEAST 100 arrows per day, 7 days a week. My arrow count just depends on what I’m working on. I usually get ready for a 3-D tournament by practicing on the bags, really focusing on form and knowing that every arrows counts and then heading to the range that we have set up at my house. Occasionally I will blind bail and focus on shot process and form. 

Learn about blind bale shooting in this Elite blog post. 

We all have bad days- how do you overcome the bad ones as to not create bad habits?   

This year's ASA in Kentucky, I got 4th... which broke my winning streak and crushed my heart. I was down for a couple of days, hardly wanting toshoot, then I saw this quote that touched me. It said, “Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart.” I had also been reading my Bible to maybe see a verse to get my “spunk” back. Then I kept thinking and praying. Then I thought to myself “don’t let this break you down, let this be your breakthrough.” After that, I started working even harder and came back to place in 2nd at the next ASA. 

Focus on form with the basics in this article.

What adjustments to your equipment have you made in the last couple of years to create a more consistent shot?      

Before I got into Women's Known 40 I shot middle and high school pins so I have only recently gotten into an open set up. With an open set up, I have found myself a lot steadier and consistent.olivia draw

When did it become apparent to you that Elite was your bow brand of choice?      

I think it became apparent to me that I love Elite is when I shot middle school pins. That is when I got my first Elite bow - a black Elite Spirit with bright pink strings (which is now my hunting bow). I have tried other bows such as Hoyt or Mathews but I just couldn’t find the stuff I look for in a bow. I love Elite’s back wall and the multiple colors it comes in. I love how smooth the bow is to draw and I love the people associated with Elite. They are all so nice, supportive, generous, and also very fun to talk to and be around. There is never a dull moment! 

Not sure which bow is right for you? Check out this blog from prostaff manager Darrin Christenberry.

What about your equipment makes it so you are consistent and confident in your game?      

I know that my equipment won’t fail me. Most of the time when I mess up, it’s the archer. I am consistent because I have everything weighted out evenly, and having confidence is important because without it, comes doubt. With doubt comes tension which makes my shot process get messed up and go down. So, when in doubt, get confident. 

What is your greatest strength as an archer? Weakness?          

My greatest strength is knowing that I have God by my side no matter what. My weakness is probably allowing everything to get into my head. I’m a person that likes to please everyone and that’s hard and impossible. 

What achievements have you made?        

In ASA, in middle school and high school pins, I was the champion of all the nationals, plus both Shooter of the Year. In Women's K40, I have also podiumed each and every time except for Kentucky. I also shoot and win most of my local shoots in Alabama. But what I've achieved most is how much I have grown in the sport by allowing God to shine through how I shoot. 

Where would you like to see your archery career take you and what advice would you give to younger archers looking to achieve the same?      

I will win my way out of each class I go into until I am officially called a pro. I would also like to get into more than just 3-D archery. I would tell younger archers to never give up, and with God, anything is possible. 

I would also mention the 6 rules of success by Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are:

arnold quote (2)

These rules have given me so much motivation and drive to shoot  - it gives me passion about archery and reminds me why I do such an amazing sport.       

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

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