Elite Next Gen: Matthew DeFeudis

Posted by Katie D'Arcy on Nov 14, 2018 12:05:00 PM


Name: Matthew DeFeudis

Shop Name: Xspot Archery

Hometown: Worcester, MA

My Bows: Victory 39

My Accomplishments:

  • IBO Mass. State Championship - 1st (2018)
  • IBO Maine State Championship - 1st (2018)
  • IBO Connecticut State Championship - 1st (2018)
  • IBO New Hampshire State Championship - 1st (2018)
  • IBO Rhode Island State Championship - 1st (2018)
  • IBO Vermont State Championship - 3rd (2018)
  • IBO New England State Championship - 1st (2018)
  • IBO World Championship - 3rd (2018)

I am 17 years old, and have now been shooting for about 4 years. I was first introduced to archery by my Dad and Uncle. I started shooting at local shops and clubs, such as Baypath Archers, where I began competing in small, friendly leagues and competitions. When I started out, I would always shoot in the men’s class to try and keep up with my Dad and Uncle, which I believe gave me the competitive edge that has brought me this far in the sport.

After two years of shooting locally, we shot our first IBO northeast event. This was my first time judging yardage, so as you would assume I didn’t do so well, but it motivated me to get better at all aspects of the unknown 3d game.

Since then, I have made many good friends and improved my shooting tremendously. I also became a shop shooter for Xspot Archery in Attleboro Ma. and a youth staff shooter for Shrewd Archery.

Practicing wasn’t always very easy for me because of where I live. At my house I was only able to shoot at 13 yards, and and I wasn’t old enough to drive, so I was only able to go to a range a few times a week. I still shot in my yard everyday, but this really taught me how to make my range time count.

I first shot an elite bow at my first IBO World Championship back in 2015. It only took me a few shots to realize that the Elite lineup were by far the smoothest, and most comfortable bow I had ever shot. About a month after the event, I bought a Victory 39, and it is the most forgiving, and consistent bow I have ever shot.

My goal in archery is to shoot on a professional level, specifically in outdoor 3D. Not only do I want to shoot professionally, but I want to be someone who consistently makes shoot downs and podiums.


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