Elite Next Gen: Mason Dowell

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Name: Mason Dowell

Shop Name: The Bow Shop

Hometown: New Martinsville, WV

My Bows: Victory 37 for 3D, Echelon 37 for indoor and an Option 7 for hunting.

My Accomplishments:

  • IBO Pipestem, WV - 3rd (2015)
  • IBO World Championships - 1st (2015)
  • ASA Foley, AL - 1st (2016)
  • Spring Nationals - 1st (2016)
  • IBO 1st Leg - 1st (2016)
  • IBO 2nd Leg - 1st (2016)
  • IBO 3rd Leg - 2nd (2016)
  • IBO Triple Crown - 1st (2016)
  • IBO World Champion - 1st (2016)
  • ASA London, KY - 3rd (2018)

I first found archery when I was about 12 years old through a friend who was bowhunting. Later on that week my grandmother and I went and found my first bow, which happened to be a Darton that a family friend had. I shot that bow for what seemed like forever, and harvested my first archery deer with that bow - and from there it has been in my blood ever since.

2013 was the first year I discovered tournament archery in what I think is a different way than many. I was shooting so much to hunt and spending countless hours trying to shoot better from YouTube videos and articles on the Internet, that one day I found a 3D archery tournament that Levi Morgan had won. I had no idea that anything like this existed and was instantly eager to go to my first archery shoot. I found a shoot in a town called Pine Grove, located in WV and had target panic so bad I couldn't hold my pin anywhere close to the target! To this day I still do not know how I shot a 287 on my first ever 3D course, but I was hooked.

A couple years later I went to my very first IBO event in Pipestem WV for Winter Nationals (placing third in my class) and shot that whole entire year with an Elite Victory. In my first year competing at a national level, I won the 2015 IBO World Championships with my Victory and never looked back. 

My long term goal is to make archery my full time career by any means necessary. I live by the motto ''If I don't miss, you can't beat me'' that I heard from Darrin Christenberry. 

At the end of the day I want to be known for my drive and dedication to the sport of archery. I want to be one of the most dominant archers out there and I know I have my hands full because the talent of archers that there is out there now. My advice to anyone is to stay hungry for success because nothing will happen overnight and I am still trying to learn that as well. But absolutely stay humble in victory and defeat. Be the best that you can be and always have fun. My motivation or my ''Why'' will always be my grandfather. At first it was for self satisfaction but now it's all for him, no matter how I do or how I feel, I will always know that he is right there beside me.


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