Elite Next Gen: Logan Altizer

Posted by Katie D'Arcy on Sep 28, 2018 12:15:00 PM

Logan Altizer

Name: Logan Altizer

Shop Name: H&V Sporting Goods 

Hometown: Richlands, VA

Coach: Stephen Altizer (dad)

My Bows: VictoryX, Echelon 37, Ritual for hunting

My Accomplishments:

  • ASA Paris - 2nd (2015)
  • ASA Florida - 3rd (2015)
  • ASA Foley - 3rd (2016)
  • ASA Ft. Benning - 1st (2016)
  • ASA London - 1st (2016)
  • ASA Metropolis - 1st (2016)
  • ASA Augusta - 1st (2016)
  • ASA Shooter of the Year (2016)

I first found archery when my dad bought me my very first bow about when I was 2 or 3. Then I shot my very first ASA when I was 10 years old in 2012 shooting the Eagle trophy class in Georgia. Hunting was always a larger interest for me, but then in 2015 I made my first ASA shootdown in Paris, Texas also where I got my very first podium finish taking 2nd place with my Elite Victory. Archery really started to become more serious for me in 2016 where I got 3rd in Foley, Alabama then turned around and won four 1st place Championships in the middle school open class in ASA. That year I also was fortunate to win Shooter of the Year, and at the ASA Classic I shot my own personal best score hitting 19 out of 20 twelves on my known day. That is when I realized that I could actually become good at archery.

Archery has become something that I really enjoy doing and want to do for a very long time. I hope one day I will be able to perform at the professional level and shoot against the best archers in the world. As long as archery is something I can stick with I see myself going as far as I can.

I shoot my bow any chance I get when I see that I am going to have a free moment. I do the important things first like spending time with family and doing some chores then I sometimes I'll hang out with my friends but that does not keep me from having time to shoot my bow. I try to at least shoot anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week and shoot at least 2 hours every day I shoot.

I shoot at least 200 to 300 arrows a weak unless I am getting ready for a spot tournament, then I shoot 400 to 500 arrows a week. If I am getting ready for a 3D archery tournament, I'll shoot the targets like how I think they are going to be set up so I can be as prepared as possible. If it is a spot tournament, I tend to really focus on my bow holding steady and me making the same shot the same time. When I have a bad day I personally just try to shoot through it even though I get frustrated sometimes when things are not going my way I just try to finish the best I can.

Over the last couple years I have tinkered with releases, stabilizers, and different size arrows. I have found that when I shoot a wrist strap release I shoot better groups and become more consistent. The main thing I focus on with stabilizers is how much weight I run on the bars. 

My goals with archery are to be the best I can possibly be anytime I am competing. In time I would like to win the Vegas spot shoot, Lancaster, and Redding at least one time and I would also like to win a few more ASA tournaments.


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