Elite Next Gen: Landon Kamper

Posted by Katie D'Arcy on Sep 12, 2018 10:45:13 AM


Name: Landon Kamper

Shop Name: 4J Archery

Hometown: Rolla, MO

Coach: Faron Teague

My Bows: Echelon 39, Energy 35 and the Elite Ritual

My Accomplishments:

  • ASA London, KY - 3rd (2018)

I first found archery when I was 6 years old. My dad liked to bow hunt and shoot an indoor league around our home. As a little boy, all I wanted to do is be just like my dad so I started shooting bows with him downstairs in his range at a very young age. I never competed or even went to a league of any sort for a while, I just focused all my time on bow hunting. I always enjoyed the month of August because my dad and I would go to the local pro shop and buy our new bows for that year.

I had a friend invite me to a local 3D shoot last summer to get ready for bow season. I had never shot a 3D shoot until then. I saw several people walking around with top of the line target bows and long stabilizers, I was completely out of my element. As soon as I left that shoot I started watching videos on my phone about competitive 3D archery and indoor tournaments and I became very interested. A couple weeks later I had ordered a Victory 37 and had it set up to shoot 3D. It was the middle of indoor season when I got my bow rigged up so I joined a local league and started shooting. The owner of that pro shop and I got a long really well and he started coaching me. I found myself going to his shop everyday he was open, hoping to learn something new.

When I graduated high school I started working as a stone mason. I work long hours which makes it very hard to practice much, so most of my practice arrows are blank baling down my hallway.  I try to shoot at least fifty arrows a day, regardless if it’s indoor, outdoor, or blank baling.

After shooting so many local shoots, I wanted to go to one of the ASA Pro/ Ams. Not because I thought I had a chance, but mainly just to meet my favorite pros! My first ASA was the London, KY Pro/ Am. I shot thirty up for the weekend which landed me in 3rd place in the K45 class... I was more excited about having Darrin Christenberry’s signature on that check than I was for the actual money!

Now, I am much more focused on the 3D side of target archery. I really like the ASA tournaments but I plan on going to a few IBO tournaments and Redding next year. My main goal is to one day have a blue jersey with “Kamper” on the back of it. Not only do I feel like Elite makes the best bow on the market, but I also feel like the people that shoot for Elite are as good as gold, and I would love to be a part of their team.


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