Elite Next Gen: Jase Boils

Posted by Katie D'Arcy on Aug 2, 2018 10:20:46 AM

Jase Boils

Name: Jase Boils

Shop Name: The Bow Shop

Hometown: Albany, KY

Coach: My Dad, out of Five Springs Archery

My Bows: I shoot the Echelon 39 and Victory 39 for 3D, and the ReVol for hunting.

My Accomplishments: 

  • ASA Classic - 1st (2013)
  • Florida ProAm - 1st (2014)
  • Tuscaloosa ProAm - 2nd (2014)
  • ASA Paris, Ft. Benning, London, Metropolis - 1st (2014)
  • ASA Classic - 3rd (2014)
  • Florida Pro/Am - 1st (2015)
  • ASA Shooter of the Year - 1st (2015)
  • ASA Augusta - 2nd (2016)
  • Indoor West @ Chickasaw Archery - 1st (2016)
  • Outdoor Regional - 2nd (2016)
  • State Outdoor - 1st (2016)
  • Outdoor Nationals - 1st (2016)
  • ASA Foley, Metropolis, London - 1st (2017)
  • ASA Ft. Benning - 3rd (2017)
  • ASA London - 1st (2018)
  • ASA Paris - 3rd (2018)
  • Indoor Regionals - 1st (2018)
  • Indoor State - 1st (2018)
  • National Indoor Championship - 1st (2018)
  • 3D Kentucky Regional - 1st (2018)
  • 3D Kentucky States - 1st (2018)
  • 3D National Championship - 3rd (2018)

I started archery with my dad around the age of 6. He would take my sister and I to local 3D ranges, and when I turned 13, Dad let me start going to the ASA competitions. I won my first competition at the ASA McKenzie in Cullman, AL in 2013 in youth pins and I knew then this is what I wanted to do in life. I've always enjoyed archery - I find it very calming. On a weekly basis I'll shoot about 300-400 arrows a week, and during 3D season I'll shoot about 30-40 arrows at the bags then go to the range. During indoor, I shoot about 30 practice arrows followed by a round of 60 about 4-5 nights per week. My training will depend on my form and shot routine, especially on the days I'm not shooting as well. 

One of the biggest changes I've made in the last couple of years besides keeping my bow in tune is shooting with a lens in 3D and indoor. I've also removed the thumb peg from my back tension release which helps me get into my shot faster and be more consistent. Knowing my equipment will perform the same makes it easy to feel confident with each shot - I had this feeling immediately after purchasing my first V39 and I've been hooked ever since. 

Thankfully, balancing my time between archery and family, friends, and school is easy because my family is very supportive of archery. I'm usually shooting with my Dad, and Mom will come up to the shop and watch us sometimes. Most of my friends shoot in archery, so I get to hang out with them at competitions and if they come to the range at home.

My goal is to become a professional archer. I strive to do my best very time I shoot. This is what motivates me to push myself to do better if I have a bad day. This year I've won my way into the Known Pro class for 2019 and I couldn't be more excited to join that group. Things really kick into gear this year as I'll be attending The University of the Cumberlands this fall on an Archery Scholarship. To young archers looking to achieve the same, I always say: don't get discouraged when you have a bad day - winning doesn't come overnight.



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