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Posted by Katie D'Arcy on Sep 7, 2018 8:53:43 AM

haley golden


Name: Haley Golden

Shop Name: In-Range Archery

Hometown: Barbourville, KY

Coach: Cody Kirby, Union College

My Bows: Option 6

My Accomplishments:

  • Indoor Regionals - 2nd (2017)
  • Indoor Nationals, Las Vegas - 3rd (2017)
  • Outdoor Regionals - 3rd (2017)
  • Outdoor Nationals - 3rd (2017)
  • 3D National Championship - 1st (2017)
  • Indoor Regionals - 2nd (2018)
  • Outdoor Nationals - 2nd (2018)
  • ASA Foley, AL - 1st (2018)
  • ASA Ft. Benning, GA - 1st (2018)
  • ASA London, KY - 3rd (2018)
  • ASA Metropolis, IL - 2nd (2018)
  • The Vegas Shoot - 1st Flight 3 (2018)

How were you introduced to archery?

I was introduced to archery through my school’s NASP program with intentions of shooting collegiate archery. After having mediocre success in the NASP program I graduated and was fortunate to sign with Union College where I found a passion for target archery. I could not encourage a young archer enough to push toward a Collegiate program. There are so many benefits from being involved with a team, not only on the field but in the class room, the accountability is huge.

What does a typical training regimen look like?

It is hard to describe what my typical training schedule looks like because of shooting two different styles of target archery. In a nutshell a 3D week would consist of 50-75 arrows a day working on that first shot accuracy. 3D is all about being able to shoot cold and attempt to keep somewhat of a rhythm. On the other hand, target archery or “spots” is more like 100-120 arrows a day and working on doing everything exactly the same and maintaining stamina as well as form.

Why do you shoot Elite?

Everything about Elite Bows lends itself to consistency from brace to full draw. I had some success with other bow brands but since switching to Elite my scores and practice is much more predictable due to the consistency. The valley and let-off of the Option 6 allows me to shoot higher pounds and not have to struggle to hold so much weight. This is the only bow I have ever shot that I can reach the speed limit in my class with. It is very rare that a female archer will see speeds in the high 280s. Putting the bow aside the support and relationships within The Outdoor Group has been amazing!

Where would you like to see your archery career take you?

My intentions are to win my way up the ranks and take it one class at a time. I think there is more to it than just shooting the bow. You have to learn how to win and handle the pressure. If I could pass something along to a younger archer, it would be to get a good mentor/coach that has shot at a high level and understands what it takes to be successful in this sport. There is something to be said for learning from their experiences and putting you on the fast track. It is easy to win a few shoots and think you “Know it all”.


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