Posted by Christian Costa on Aug 8, 2017 12:00:00 PM
Christian Costa

Elite Archery had a successful weekend at Outdoor Nationals and JOAD in Westfield, Indiana. Both Kris Schaff and Curtis Broadnax earned two medals at the event, both shooting the new Elite ReVol.

“Kris and Curtis continue to shine in the outdoor target world,” said Elite Pro Staff Manager Darrin Christenberry. “The levels of competition are so high in archery that it’s tough to compete and even harder to win. Fighting off some of the windiest conditions ever, they managed to rise to the top, which is a true testament to their ability and to their equipment.”

The tournament, which brings together some of the greatest target shooters in the world, was held for the first year in Westfield, Indiana. The outdoor arena brought windy conditions, and archers had to work hard to maintain a steady platform and smooth shot. While Broadnax had to update his bow stabilizer to compete with the wind, his consistent shooting landed him in second place for JOAD. The following day, Broadnax rose above his fellow shooters and earned a gold medal in the Junior Division of Outdoor Nationals.

“I tried to focus on one thing the entire weekend, and that was putting three arrows in the middle every time,” said Broadnax. “I had a blast and my bow shot great, even through the windy conditions. I am proud of what I accomplished but am excited to focus on the next tournament. I am so thankful for all the support of my friends, family, sponsors, and the Lord above.”

Schaff started out the weekend strong, tied for first after 72 arrows, and maintained his high point arrows for another 72 targets to take home the silver at the Men’s Division at Outdoor Nationals. Schaff later went on to advance to the gold medal match of the US Open, where he beat “The Armless Archer” Matt Stutzman.

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