Posted by Christian Costa on Jun 6, 2017 12:00:00 PM
Christian Costa

Team Elite has swept the Known Pro Podium at the ASA Tournament in London, KY this past weekend, where Nathan Brooks placed first, Chance Beaubouef was second, and newcomer TJ Strychalski took home third. Michael Braden also came in second in the Senior Division while Cara Kelly finished in second in the Women’s Pro Division.

“Week after week, the team in blue continues to have fantastic results,” said Elite Pro Staff Coordinator Darrin Christenberry. “Having equipment that they can trust and be confident in helps to keep them finishing at the top. I am confident that the podium sweep in the Known Pro class will be the first of many.”

Solid day one scores left the Elite Pros in prime position going into the final day of shooting. Going into the shootoff, Nathan Brooks was up by two points, Chance Beaubouef was in second, and TJ Strychalski, shooting an Elite ReVol, trailed closely behind in fifth. Chance and Nathan both kept their standing after an impressive 49 yard coyote shot, while TJ fought hard to climb up to third.

Historically, London has been a difficult shoot. The terrain and poor lighting conditions create obscure shadows and a sense of an “abyss” that shooters aim into.

“Despite the difficult conditions, my Victory 37 held very steady and enabled me to be confident in those tough situations to make the shots needed to win,” said first place finisher Nathan Brooks.

“I couldn't be happier with how my Victory 39 performed this weekend in London,” said Chance. “I was able to come out with 2nd in some tough conditions, especially in lighting. It is such a privilege to shoot and compete with the best archers in the world.”

Michael Braden had an impressive showing and finished second in his division. After being tied for 3rd after day one, Braden shot to the front of the back by hitting five 12 rings and ended the day with a 13 point lead going into the shootoff.

Braden, who has been a consistent podium finisher on the 3D circuit this year, has this to say. “London was a rollercoaster ride for me. It’s always a tough shoot due to the lighting. We shoot along a power line, where we stand next to extreme bright light, at targets that are in shadows. It makes judging distance and aiming accurately very difficult. I finished second for the weekend and gained more points towards Shooter of the Year. My equipment kept me in the game for sure!”

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