Posted by Christian Costa on Jun 27, 2017 12:00:00 PM
Christian Costa

Elite Archery had a successful weekend in Superman’s hometown, Metropolis IL. Cara Kelly, Women’s Pro Shooter, and Michael Braden, Senior Pro Shooter, both took home first place in their respective divisions. Chance Beaubouef and Jacob Marlow placed 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the Known Pro Division.

 “The continued success of the Elite team is a testament to the consistency and dependability of their equipment,” said Elite Pro Staff Coordinator Darrin Christenberry. “Having a bow in your hands that you trust gives you the confidence it takes to compete at a high level. The Elite shooters are proving that their equipment has earned their trust.”

The week started out with heavy rainfall, but the clouds cleared and left shooters with near perfect conditions. Team Blue showed up again in the Known Pro Class, snagging 2nd and 3rd place. Chance Beaubouef’s 2nd place finish with his Sunset Pink Victory 39 secured his lead for Shooter of the Year with one ASA left. The Marlow boys had a strong presence, with both Jacob (shooting a black Victory 37) and Tyler advancing to the shootoff and Jacob placing 3rd overall.

“I am very pleased with how my weekend went in Metropolis,” said Beaubouef. “I feel like I made good decisions and managed the course really well all weekend. There are always mistakes that you can improve on looking back, and that gives me something to work on heading into the Classic. I am so thankful that all of my equipment has been so low maintenance, it really takes a lot of stress off of me and allows me more time to work on my shooting.”

“Even with the rain earlier in the week, my equipment performed great,” said Marlow. “I never had to adjust a thing.”

Senior Pro Michael Braden continues to push the pedal in his division, leading the tournament from start to finish. In the shootoff, he shot smart yet aggressively and finished out the tournament 12 points ahead of his competition.

Women’s Pro Shooter Cara Kelly, shooting a purple Impulse 31, went into the shootoff in second place, but after nailing a few crucial scoring rings, soared to the top spot. 

“My Impulse 31 hit directly behind the pin all weekend,” said Cara. “It gives you another level of confidence when you know your equipment is spot on! I trailed the tournament the whole weekend, but ended winning by one point. Just proof to never give up hope and take one target at a time.”

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