Posted by Christian Costa on Apr 11, 2017 12:00:00 PM
Christian Costa

Elite Archery’s Chance Beaubouef and Darrin Christenberry have both taken home third place in the Known Pro and Open Pro Divisions respectively at the ASA Easton Pro Am Tournament in Paris, Texas.  


70 degrees and plenty of sun led to ideal conditions for the ASA shooters, and many arrived early to take advantage of practice ranges provided by ASA. Shooting for the pro classes began on Friday and finished on Saturday. Each day, archers would line up to shoot 20 targets to aim for a par score of 200, or hitting the 10 ring each time. ASA includes the option of hitting a 12 ring, meaning that an archer could have a maximum score of 240 for the day 

Christenberry, shooting a Victory 39, began day one with a score of 204, which landed him in 14th place. On Saturday, Darrin hit 12 twelve rings and 3 eight rings for a score of 218, making his total score 422 and pushing him into 5th place for the final shootoff.  

In the shootoff, 5 additional arrows are shot with a chance to improve an archer’s standing. Despite high winds that threatened to derail the path of the arrow, Darrin managed to keep all of his shots in the 10 ring which propelled him into 3rd. 

“Saturday’s 218 with 12 twelves was one of the best one-day rounds I have shot in a while,” said Christenberry. "Trusting the consistency of my equipment allows me to focus on judging the distance and making good shots. Having a big comeback at the end of a tournament is a great feeling. Texas has been good to me over the years and continues to be one of my favorite spots on the ASA Tour.” 

Beaubouef also started off slow on Friday, but was able to maintain a promising score of 222. On Saturday, he hit 13 out of the first 15 twelve rings and finished the day at 228, putting him at a total score of 450.  Like Christenberry, Chance was also concerned with the high winds going into the shootoff, but remained steadfast in his shooting and took home third place. 

“This is my second podium of the year in the ASA and it only drives me harder to get the win,” said Chance. “I couldn’t be happier with how my equipment performed. I had spent time between Ft. Benning and Paris really working on my setup and getting it bulletproof for this weekend.” 

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