Echelon Draw Stops vs. Cable Stops

Posted by Brandon Bennett on Jan 4, 2019 8:55:00 AM

While working in the archery shop and shooting tournaments, one of the most frequently asked questions I am asked is what draw stops I am using and why. Currently I am shooting the Elite Echelon 39. This bow is unique in the fact that the bow gives the archer both types of draw stops to choose from, either limb stops or cable stops. The draw stops on Echelon allow each archer to mold the bow into your own shot style.


The Echelon comes with three different sizes of cable stops, a small, medium and a large, to allow for different holding weight. Even with the different cable stops, the Echelon cam has different positions for the stops so you can get the exact holding weight that you desire. The cable stops on the Echelon allow for a little bit of a “spongy” back wall that a lot of archers desire to pull through the shot.

The Echelon comes with the limb stop installed, which is what Elite is traditionally known for. This style of draw stop is what I shoot on all of my target bows. The shot style I prefer is a very static shot so I like the very solid back wall that the limb stop provides. The way the cam on the Echelon is designed allows you to dial in the holding weight and draw length by sliding the stop either forward or back in the limb stop slot. I personally shoot 17 pounds in holding weight. The way I get my draw length and the exact holding weight is, by putting a half inch long mod on the bow and move the draw stop in toward the center of the bow to my exact draw length and holding weight. 

Each individual has a different shot style and execution of the bow. The Elite Echelon gives everyone the desired feel that they are looking for. All you have to do is go to your local Elite dealer and test one out and see what feels best to you.

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