Pro Tip: Aiming in the Wind

Posted by Curtis Broadnax on Jan 14, 2019 8:51:00 AM

A big thing that hurts a lot of people is shooting in the wind, whether it’s their backyard or they are on a big stage at a World Cup shooting for Gold. The worst is when you feel like you just shot the best shot all day, and then it drifts over missing the spot you were shooting at. When you can't control the wind, you're left relying on a few good strategies.


Aiming off and bubbling. Both of these strategies are simple. When I say “aiming off” I mean aiming to the left or the right of the spot your trying to hit based on the amount of wind. So, say the wind is blowing your arrows 4 inches to the left: you'll want to aim 4 inches to the right.

“Bubbling” is whenever you tilt your top cam into the wind causing your bubble to go to the left or right side of the level. For example: you tilt your bow over towards the right and you see half of the bubble over the left line in your level, then your arrow will go to the right. That would be good if you had a wind coming from the right, because the wind would’ve drifted you back over some. But, with this you need to play around and figure out how much moving that bubble over does and you’ll do it varying amounts based on wind. Test a quarter of the bubble or the whole bubble if you need to.

For each tactic, you’ll need to go out and shoot into the wind to test how much to aim off for or to bubble for certain amounts of wind.

I also like to use a thumb button. I feel like I have may more control over my shot, especially in the wind. I don’t like how with a hinge that you can’t fire it when you need to and be accurate in the wind. And then a gust could blow your bow hard and cause you to fire on accident with a hinge.

Another little trick is pulling harder into the back wall whenever the wind is picking up. This will allow you to hold steadier in the wind.

These are a couple things I’ve picked up throughout my archery career that I think will help you next time its windy. I really hope you find any of these tips useful and they help you kill that giant buck or hit that little spot you’re aiming at.

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